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City of Bones (Mortal Instruments)

City of Bones  - Cassandra Clare I was introduced to Cassie with this first of the Mortal Instrument series. Now i know what a lot of you are thinking after reading the synopsis.... Yay. Yet another vampire themed book amongst a 1000 that are currently in print. I beg you to throw these feelings away as this is sooo much more. Sure Cassandra has vampires in this, but she also has werewolves, fairies, demons, warlocks, you name it...it's probably in here! Imagine gangs of New York, only this time the gangs of different sectors are the creatures forementioned and they are all kept in line by the almighty shadowhunters, a group of individuals made expecially to martial all the different groups keeping them in line. Of course there is a love story amongst all this for those that think this is all fighting and not their cup of tea, even some forbidden love triangles that occur between either the shadowhunters and werewolves or maybe even the vampires and werewolves. Cassie has given the best of all genres here to appease a wide variety of fans! The Immortal Instruments series is a definate must read for teens and adults alike!!!