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I missed reading King!!!!!

11/22/63 - Stephen King

For those of you who have been following my reviews(And i thank you for that kindly!) know that as of late i have been on a James Patterson spree.  After finishing one of his books and being inbetween reads at the perfect time low and behold i see 11/22/63 on the shelves at our local Wal-mart and its the paperback edition (Sorry Stephen, as i always wait for the paperback editions as they are wayy cheaper) so i thought too myself..self..i havent read King in awhile (the last book of his i read was in the summer of '11 when i read 'Duma Key') and 11/22/63 ever since reading the cover synopsis when it originally came out in the hardcover edition and being a huge history buff expecially the events surrounding the '63 Kennedy assassination felt this was pretty much everything all tied into one that i could want or expect from a book of my choosing.


  Although a little skeptical as this wasnt King's ordinary way of writing i was more then pleased at the outcome after finishing this fine novel. The storyline was not only fantastic but gripping as hell with loads of plot twists and turns that kept me up late some nights as i just couldnt put some chapters down!   Don't let the title fool you, for those of you that have as it has a little something for all fans of novels. King has incorporated into the story a little love story for those who like the romantic books, action, sci-fi (Main charector Jake Epping/George Amberson travels through time) some historical assassination type stuff and so much more. So like i said don't let the title fool you and pick up this most excellent read!  BTW....To my review followers and fans you can expect to see a few more King novel reviews as you know me...once i like something...