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The Diary of a Young Girl [Anne Frank]

Diary Anne Frank - Anne Frank Well I'll probably catch heck from a few people with this review however aside from the braveity, tolerance, restraint that that young girl had I wasn't overly impressed with this book and found it a tad dull. Remarkable..for sure as I personally couldnt see myself in her shoes shacked up for almost 3 years in living quarters basically the size of a closet, living in fear with 7 other tenants, me myself would've been somewhat suicidal by the end of the first month! For those of you who havent read this book, we get to spend the 3 years with Anne in the Secret Annexe, Anne's name for their hiding place in her father's place of business in Holland around Amsterdam. It was right after Anne's 13th birthday, when after recieving a document from the German government declaring that Anne's older sister was to be 'sent up' to work in one of the German camps, that her father Frank packed up what little belongings of dire importance that they could carry and relocated the family to his warehouse in Amsterdam. From there we read day by day (actually she has quite a few where she doesnt write) on her personal feelings of the other members of the household, her feelings about the young lad also living with them Peter, who Anne falls in love with, Most of all about just dealing in general with things as they stood back in 1943-45. I was interested in some parts but just felt bored through a majority of it (Now i know it couldn't of gotten very exciting considering the circumstances and where they were) I feel terrible for saying this but it is in fact the truth. Don't know what i was expecting however orginally selecting this classic to read but needless to say it wasn't my cup of tea. On thing i am glad for was that this diary didn't go missing when the secret annexxe was finally found and the German gestapo ushered the 8 residents to their impending dooms. This diary is meant to be read in order to teach todays children the utter harshness that young Anne had to endure in hope of teaching them that when they think they have it bad, think again also how tragic and scary war is expecially the holocaust.