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Cat & Mouse (Alex Cross Novels)

Cat & Mouse (Alex Cross #4) - James Patterson #4 in the ever so cool Alex Cross series and it doesnt dissapoint. Picks right up a few months after the 'Jack And Jill' case and guess whose back? The evil serial killer Gary Soneji!!! He is back with a vengeance threatening to put an end to what he started way back in the first Patterson book devoted to Alex Cross 'Along Came A Spider' and to also put an end to the entire Cross family. Dual cases (which seems to be the way of most of the Cross books i have read so far) once again present themselves as not only does Cross with help from his huge partner/bff Det. John Sampson have to pursue Soneji they also have a new human threat known as Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith has been taking out victims in Europe with plans to branch out his services to the U.S. as well. Without delivering any spoilers, this book contains, in my opinion one of the biggest plot twists i have presently read in a Patterson novel. I normally read through my books and when a plot twist is delivered I kinda think "Oh wow!" when i read the one within 'Cat And Mouse' i actually shouted out "No freakin' way!!??" This book also has loads of great moments between the Cross family and thats a huge reason why i love Patterson to death, he really makes you love the charectors he chooses to use for any given project. The Cross's, The Bennett's, The Woman's Murder Club all containing such emotion that after the novel is done it leaves you feeling like you actually knew these people and will miss them till next time. All 'Cat And Mouse' did was make me crave more and more of the Alex Cross charector, a great read!!