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1st to Die (The Women's Murder Club)

1st to Die - James Patterson Like i had said in my other reviews of my first series of books that i read that Patterson currently has out i only had one left to read in the Michael Bennett series and that is run for your life which i plan to read shortly. Looking through his list of books, i read the synopsis for The Woman's Murder Club. Nothing against female detectives or anything i was leery starting 1st To Die as i thought it was going to be a little too girly for my liking. I was wrong. 1st To Die is indeed about 4 BFF's employed in different aspects of the crime fighting world however it doesnt just pertain to anyone member of any sex. Enter SFPD detective Lindsay Boxer a divorcee who lives alone with her faithful best freind and dog Sweet Martha. Not only does she have to deal with the fact that she is currently suffering from a very serious blood condition she is also trying to solve as to why some individual or un-sub if you will is presently stalking out newly married bride and grooms and viciously slaughtering them. With the help of 3 other women, who like i said are employed in various other aspects of crime such as the press, D.A's office and the city morgue, they band together, usually over coctails at a watering hole of their choosing and attempt to put all their knowledge of their own respective fields together to solve this horrendous crime. Something that is looked down upon by all their bosses which in turn could very well lead to their instant dismissals if ever detected. That just adds to all the fun and edge of your seatness that this book #1 brings to Patterson's loyal fans. Like i had said earlier in this review that i was mistaken in thinking this was more suited for female fans of Patterson's crime/mystery themed books, it turns out it is just for anyone who much like myself, like to sit back and relax with a good who dunnit from one of the best authors out there who loves to send us one way in our thinking paths then when we least of all expect it throws us a 100mph curveball throwing us in a totally opposite direction and that my freinds is why i will never get sick of reading Patterson's materials!