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Frankenstein: Prodigal Son: A Novel

Prodigal Son (Dean Koontz's Frankenstein, #1) - Kevin J. Anderson, Dean Koontz A new fan of Koontz, with so many of his works available to me i was having a heck of a time picking out my next book of his to get wrapped up in my first and only other Koontz book i had just finished before starting this was 'Voice In The Night' which for my first read of his, i found it very cool and intriguing. So looking at what our local Chapter's bookstore had to offer i saw the Frankenstein series. Now we all know how many times both directors and authors have pretty much 'bled out' the vampire storyline, i thought 'I have read about vamps, werewolves, witches but never anything about Dr. Frankenstein and his evel creation so i decided to take a chance and slap my hard earned money down on not only book one( I am a fast reader and i know if i get caught up in this i will just go buy book 2 anyways)but book two as well. Now after finishing 'Book One: Prodigal Son' I wasn't at all impressed. It happens to be one of those things i have trouble putting into words, however there are some maybes. Maybe i don't find the Frankenstein concept interesting enough? (I havent even read the classic Mary Shelley version yet) Maybe i found the storyline draggy with no OMG's I cant wait till i get to the next chapter to see what happens next. This is my opinion is a little early as this, like i said being the second book of Koontz's i have read, to say that maybe he isn't an author for me? Well, i am going to read book 2 (i paid for it dammit!) and maybe this series just takes a little longer than others to kickstart my anticipation, cause if it's the same...well their wont be a book 3 or 4 in my collection.