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#2 book of Patterson's also #2 dissapointment

Season of the Machete - James Patterson

This was the second book ever written by James Patterson and as i had said in my last review for his first novel "The Thomas Berryman Number" I am not a particular fan of his earlier work, but also went on to say that his work does get better, this i know!  "Season Of The Machete" follows that pattern exactly, a little bit better however not great.  Although overall understanding the plot i had times where i was confused as to which way this novel was going?  We have two hired assassins, The Roses, Carrie And Damian, a husband and wife team who get hired on by the local criminal element to supposedly to liven up things on the Carribean island of San Dominica by commiting a huge variety of murders using a machete. Why anyone, even the mafia, would think this was a good idea to liven things up is beyond me?

  Can't discuss the plot anymore then that as it's either too confusing or I don't want to deliver any spoilers, the court is still out on that one. Overall wasn't a fan of this book at all.  I' am a completist so i finished this book however as i had said in his first book's review, had i only read both book 1 and 2 of his i probably would not have read anything else of his. Patterson still remains my favorite author presently and i dont hold those two books against himas we all had our beginnings.