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Now ready for Book 5 'City Of Lost Souls'

City of Fallen Angels - Cassandra Clare

Just finished re-reading City Of Fallen Angels and although no surprise rather, From beginning to end i was very compelled. That  my freinds is the contents of what make a fantastic book when you can read and re-read again with just as much enthusiam as you did the first time!  I had picked up book 5 not to long ago and started to read it, however was a little lost as far as storyline goes as to the goings on as Book 5 takes place roughly two weeks after the events that ended book 4. So that's why i thought it would be better to re-read book 4 and it was a good idea as i am now ready for book 5 completly refreshed!


  If you havent read any of Clare's 'Immortal Instrument' series then you definatly do not want to start here rather you want to start with book one 'City Of Bones' which i took a chance on way back, at the time being a huge fan of Stephanie Meier's Twilight books (the movies sucked) reading the synopsis for book one i'm like what the hell take a chance...Little did i know that what i would be introducing myself too is one of the best series i have read quite simply put...ever!!!


  If any haters out there put this series alongside Meier's Twilight books i adamnatly declare not too as these books aside from having vampires are nothing in comparison!  This time round after the major battle in Idris Simon is still dealing with his newfound vampirism which has severly upset his life at home with his sister Rebecca and his mother. After getting an offer to stay with a new bandmate and freind Kyle he meets a head vampire named Camille who offers to take him in and train him in the arts of vampiring hopefully filling in all the blanks for him


  Clary is all excited about being trained as a shadowhunter and her relationship with Jace which is a rollercoaster of an relationship to say the least. Someone or thing is murdering shadowhunters in a bid so start a war with the downworlders so its up to Clary, Isabelle, Alec and Magnus and let's not forget Simon and Jace to come up with who is at fault here and put a stop to it.


  If any reader takes a chance on Cassy Clare's books you are getting the best of all world here...Vampires, werewolves, fairies, warlocks she installs into thise series something for everyone!!!