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My first Jim Butcher read, wont be my last!!

Storm Front - Jim Butcher

In my immense list of books that i have read, I have what is known as my safe group..It is a group of authors who i will basically see their name and immediatly pick it up and read away! No questions asked! Well after recieving my first Kobo Ereader i have been looking through the Kobo bookstore and finding books that are related to subjects that i myself enjoy reading from.  That's where i was introduced to author Jim Butcher who is an author of what i'm thinking is going to be quite the cool little series centering around main charector Harry Dresden aka The Dresden Files. 'Storm Front' was book one in that series so naturally i started with it.  I for one do not like to read any series that i find is a series in the beginning as i like to start fresh and get every thing into my mind by reading book A-Z i know however from reading the reviews on other complete series i have previously read that alot of folks out there in reading land have no problem with reading the series not nessecarily in numerical order.


  To me that's like starting a work day late or arriving to a movie as it's 5 mins in..I just feel like i have missed something important for some starnge unknown reason?  Anyhow all that being said 'Storm Front' was a pretty good start to what i think will be a adventure/sci fi series right up my alley. Harry Dresdin is a wizard who works independantly, although sometimes working with the local police dept and detectives, although most humans fins his line of work 'crap' he is very important in the realms of crimes commited by the use of magic and the phenomenon.


  After getting a call from Murphy , Dresden's main police contact, he is summoned to overlook the bodies of a couple who were killed during a passionate session of love making by what Murphy quietly tells Dresden were killed by magic as both her and Harry believe could not have been done by any normal person as their hearts were literally ripped out of their chests.  After much egging on by Murphy and with little and no choice Harry gets involved in this case now making him not only the target of the would be murderer but also the target of the ancient council, a council that all magic using wizards must adhere too, more or less their own little policing dept. Who know how powerful Harry is and think that only he could have done this vicious killing with the amount of power used.


  Harry has to battle fellow wizards, demons, vampires before facing a rogue wizard who uses the storms as his power source.  A great start to what will be a cool series of short reads that feature along with a cool storyline, alot of humour that had me laughing at times out loud, something i do during movie watching and hardly ever whilst reading books! For any fans of Cassandra Clare's Immortal Instrument series (Which i am a huge fan of) Stephenie Meier's Twilight books and others who enjoy sci/fi slash fantasy world reads!