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Toys - James Patterson, Neil McMahon My first Patterson read (and it wont be my last!!!) I have read alot of posts on James Patterson's works and according to alot of fans of his who had read Toys the verdict was that with this novel he was slipping away from his usual murder mystery genre. For a first time reader, i was very impressed!! I like his style of writing, very cool charectors that are easy to get behind. I also like that his chapters are very short (not too sure if he follows suit in all his books, although i sure hope so!) And the man knows how to write an action book!! I was on the edge of my seat throughout this read from chapter 1 to the finish. The cover of this great novel promises that the main charector Hays Baker puts both the Jason Bourne and James Bond charectors to sleep. I thought as i picked this up last sunday, that was a pretty bold statement to make as i realy like both Ludlum's and Flemming's work. If you are a fan of spy action/adventure stories then this will be right up your alley so to speak. Hays Baker is an elite who works for the agency, he has all the things a guy could wish for, hot wife, two beautiful children, money and a great job. His world as he knows it goes horribly wrong as he is soon to find out he was living a lie. The year in this novel is 2061 after the president (who rivals the likes of Hitler and other dictators of the past) declared humans to be the scum of the earth pushes the war button on exterminating every last one of them. President Jacklyn is an elite as well, super humans that are now being cloned and are perfect in everyway who are taught basically from birth that humans are dirty, lowlifes and are also taught how to fight against them. Hays Baker quickly figures out that he is now on the side of the humans, those who he was trained to hate as he goes through this action pack story using toys that would boggle the great 007's mind. super cool cars that pilot themselves also offering to massage their driver whilst doing so. With Hay's elite strength, agility and speed he with a band of assorted rebels move on to bring down the elite empire and look to take down the evil president. Like i said earlier within this review, a fantastic book start to finish and i am highly anticipating and researching my next read...which you better believe will be another Of Patterson's!