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Part 2 in the Pine Deep saga!

Dead Man's Song - Jonathan Maberry

Well just finished part 2 in the Pine Deep trilogy and immediatly jumped to book 3 in what i'm expecting to be one whallop of a finale.  For those that have read Ghost Road Blues, book 2 begins right after the events of book 1 (A feature whilst reading a trilogy that i very much enjoy) This time around as the town of Pine Deep's claim to fame pre-halloween night party is in full tilt, our hero Malcolm Crow accompanied by a reporter from the Marsh Sentinel Newton head out to where it all began 30 years ago, Ubel Griswold's farm, a trek that can only be accomplished on foot as it's way too foresty and bushy for an automobile.


  Along the way the pair go against unknown forces causing them to flee for their lives. Back at the Guthrie farm things are not well between Mark Guthrie and his wife Connie, ever since being attacked in book 1 by the evil Karl Ruger, their marriage has been in shambles leaving poor Val Guthrie to introvene and sometimes referee the two.  Mark and the two women once again face off with one of Griswold's evil soldiers Kenneth Boyd.


  Bible thumping evil doer Towtruck Eddie is still out to get young 14 year old Mike as he believes he is hearing from Our Lord himself God and believes to be God's sword and who has commanded him to destroy young Mike as he is a demon in disguise.


  Who does that leave us with? Oh yes! The chief villain in this trilogy none other then Karl Ruger who after being killed for the second time and having his body stolen from the city morgue is now partering up with Griswold slave and child and wife beater Vic as the two are commanding all their evil soldiers to get ready for the ultimate face off known to them as the red mist (book 3)


  This book cliffhangers it's reader, so better have 'Bad Moon Rising' on deck as you will want to continue reading to find out what happens and goes on during the ultimate showdown of good vs evil! A fantastic series so far, and i'll be sad when it finally comes to an end as i have enjoyed it immensly!