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Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back - Todd Burpo, Lynn Vincent

Myself, who never had religion (of any kind) in my household growing up, i was always curious about god but always shunned church goers or bible thumpers if you will as strange. However after recieving life shattering news on April 10th 2010 i found god and accepted our saviour Jesus Christ into my life, and now i pray twice daily ever since then. Still... I am always enduring the battle within my own thoughts as to is he real or not? I am thinking i am more of a person who needs hard evidence (I know that their has been some outstanding evidence, such as Colton's trip to heaven as detailed in this book)Needless to say i sometimes think it would take Christ or God for that matter to actually show themselves to me, before i would then finally settle this internal strife, putting to rest all the disbeliefs i have floating around in my noggin.

  Well after reading this book, i believe more now then i used to! For one, Colton Burpo was at the time after his serious operation for an apendicitis, only 4 yrs of age. Now i know kids lie or like to tell fish tales for that matter, but the stuff he claims to have seen really got to me as well as getting to his father and author of this story, Pastor Todd Burpo. I have read other poster/reviewers of this book and alot although liking it say that Colton, was a child and they are like sponges, having two children of my own i know this to be true and Todd (even though he swears that he had never discussed any of the certain scriptures that Colton seems to be nailing bang on so to speak, at all with his young son.) That being said i'm sure their is alot of discussions he had with his wife that young Colton was within an ear shot to soak up. I believe Colton actually has gone to heaven as you will read within the pages, yes he is 4 yrs old but describes in great detail the goings on that occur there.

  I have to suggest this book to anyone, who much like myself are on the middle of the fence as to whether God or Jesus in fact exists? Me, I am going to keep on believing this as i want to be assured when it comes my time to pass, that i will be going on to a better place as so many has said in the past! A great and fast read!